How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Coaching Program

How to get the most out of your health coaching program.

Health coaching is a partnership for your best health. Your coach is a wellness authority, specifically trained in helping you achieve your health goals. But an equally important part of the partnership is you. You are the world's best expert in your own body. (Don't feel that way yet? No worries, your coach can help you get there!) 

Here are six simple simple tips for getting the most out of your health coaching program:

TIP #1: Honesty all the way

Being completely honest with your coach is the best way for them to get to know and understand your needs and goals—and then help you reach them! All coaching at Four Wellness Co. is completely private and confidential. Your health coach will only use the information you provide within the context of your program. Just keep in mind that full and accurate information is key to ensuring you get the best support and results possible.

TIP #2: Be on time & prepared

Your coaching sessions will end 30 minutes after they're scheduled to begin, so make sure you're on time and ready to go for each session. You can get the most out of your scheduled time with your coach by doing a little preparation ahead of time, such as:

  • reviewing your notes from the previous session

  • reviewing the status of your action items for the week and noting anything in particular you learned, struggled with, or had questions about

  • reviewing your most recent journal entry reflection

  • asking yourself "What do I want to get out of today's session?" and coming prepared with this intention

TIP #3: Organize program notes & materials in one location

Treat this program like a class you're taking: Be prepared to receive materials (handouts, resources, recipes, links, etc.), to take notes, and to have some "assignments." Whether you prefer paper copies or digital, choose one place to store all program materials. Here are some tips for keeping everything organized:

  • Create a folder in your email inbox specifically for your health coaching emails.

  • Get a new notebook (or create a new folder on your computer) for your course notes and journal entries.

  • Designate a folder or binder (or create a digital folder on your computer) for your course handouts and materials.

tip #4: Communicate early & often

Have a question? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask your coach. Something not working for you? Definitely let your coach know. The sooner we know about your question/concern, the sooner we can answer or help resolve it. Ongoing email support is a perk of your health coaching program, so feel free to use it! 

TIP #5: Give everything a try

Health coaching is all about growth and trying on new concepts and ways of doing things in order to find what works best for you. Sometimes your coach may give a recommendation that feels uncomfortable, challenging or stretches you in some way. Commit to giving everything a try—you may be surprised to find how much you like something you were initially unsure of. You can be honest with your coach if you're hesitant to try something and he/she can help you come up with a manageable plan to do so. Remember, your coach will only make recommendations that are safe for you! 

Tip #6: You get what you give

All in all, health coaching is the type of experience that you get out of what you put into it. Go forward with full commitment to the program you've enrolled in—attend all sessions, engage with the material, try out the recommendations in your daily life. If you actively and whole-heartedly participate in all aspects of the program, you can expect to get great things from it.

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